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What could Cinema’s next 100 years look like?


Reco is Complete!

After all this time, Reco is finally complete, and has been through its first public screening, including a full 2k digital cinema projection to the entire cast/crew, family and friends. At its public screening, courtesy of The Tower Theater’s “Open Mic” night, the film was shown alongside approximately 12 other short films, and was recognized as being the “Critics Choice” of the films shown. Jeff Vice, guest critic for the night wrote: “The most accomplished of the bunch was also the best … the pioneer drama “Reco.” Chris Adler’s effective and affecting tale of a girl given up for adoption was beautifully shot and boasted gorgeous scenery, as well as having production …values to rival those of million-dollar-budgeted productions.”

Post Team in finalized…

We’ve finalized our Post team, bringing on Russ Lasson and Dave Cummins from Color Mill to handle the final look of Reco, as well as the joys of mastering. Color Mill has a 2k DCI-compliant digital projection theater in house, and utilizes Scratch for real-time color correction of RED media. We are thrilled that they were willing to work with us on Reco, and looking forward to the upcoming day when they say “Its done.”

On the music front, we’ve officially attached local composer extraordinaire, Randin Graves, to handle that thing of beauty known as “The Score”. We are very excited to see what he brings to the table, and have no doubt that whatever it is, we’ll be blown away by it.

Stephen L. Johnson, ACE to cut ‘Reco’

Much to our delight, Stephen L. Johnson, ACE has offered to cut ‘Reco’. Excited and moved by the story of young Annie, Stephen couldn’t get his hands on the footage fast enough, refusing to wait for the RED transcodes (for the offline edit), he did them himself and started early workflow tests before we even had approval from our investors (though we were confident he was a shoe-in). Stephen has a rich, and deep history in period, dramatic films, with a breadth of experience in cutting every format from IMAX to television. Also, to our delight, Jennifer Russell is on-board as assistant editor, and we are thrilled to have the edit of our film in their collective and very capable hands.

Keep posted for more news as the rest of our post team continues to unfold.

Reco Update

Well, its been a little while since our last post. Reco finished principal photography the last week of June. We’ve been so busy preparing for it, we haven’t had much time to do anything else, literally. Don and Megan quietly continued working on their projects, but most of our weekly meetings were consumed almost entirely by Reco production details. Now that production has finished, we’re hoping to start refocusing on those projects again, but Reco is far from finished itself.

This week we’ve been directing our attention at rounding off our post team. Michaela has been onboard for post audio from the beginning, and and Rob was selected for VFX early on too, but editorial, colorist, and composer have been an unknown. We’re exploring a few promising leads here and there, determined to make to best decision and hire the best person possible for the positions, but budget is still a constraint. We’re definitely excited by the prospects. We’ll let you know as soon as we do! It won’t be long though, we have to make a selection on the editor by this weekend if we are going to hit our schedule for the Sundance submission deadline.

Until next time!


Please forgive our tardiness and lack of personal attention… We’ve been moving deep into pre-production on ‘Reco’, and its been a whirlwind adventure, and we still have 6 more weeks to go! Between business entity registration, legal finagling, SAG signatory, payroll management, crewing, auditioning for cast, location scouting, etc. we have quite neglected to post drivel. But, be sure to check back next week for some juicy tidbits. I won’t promise anything, but it be a shame to miss it if we did.